Alarm Systems

With over a decade’s experience in home and office security, we are able to offer our clients the best system design for even the most unique requirements.  The need to be aware or to be made aware of events happening at your home or office has become of the outmost importance, and an Alarm System is your first line of defence and a good starting point for any environment requiring a basic to extensive security solution.

We can customize the solution to our clients needs and integrate functionality accordingly i.e. Alarms can be monitored and controlled via an application on a smart phone.  We offer full training on all of our systems to create a simple and secure solution for our clients.


Close Circuit Television Cameras, we offer a full range from basic to High Definition camera systems catering for clients who require a general view of premises, specific views of high risk area’s and/or areas where close monitoring of staff is needed.  No matter the requirement we have a product to suit your needs and budget. 

Let us design and customise a solution to suit your needs.  We also offer off-site monitoring via a smartphone or web browser, enabling the user to have constant access to the system with complete convenience.

Electric Fencing

Coupled with the Alarm System, Electric Fencing forms part of your first line of defence when it comes to securing a home or office.  Fibertronics offer a complete perimeter security solution from integrating on existing fences or walls to complete self-standing fences and property boundary enclosures. 

We offer full Certification Of Compliance for residential properties and businesses, as required by law when buying or selling a property.  We also ensure that all our electric fencing complies with the correct installation and strict design regulations set out in this law, as well as offer full maintenance contracts for this solution.

Intercom Systems

We supply high quality Intercom Systems from standard front gate, front door and in-house intercommunicating systems to larger systems for Commercial, Warehousing and residential Townhouse/Flat complexes. 

We can install any brand of system and we are always willing to design a solution based on our clients needs no matter how small or large the solution.

Access Control

Fibertronics supply and install access control systems, from card and tag readers to fingerprint scanners.  We offer stand alone units for Access only as well as Multi-Function controllers which allow for further integration of clients needs i.e. Staff registers which can be used for time logging and payroll procedures. 

Our specialized team can design and structure a solution from residential properties to large commercial buildings.

LAN/Wireless Networks

Fibertronics offer new computer and full network cabling installations as well as assist with solutions for companies relocating premises in this regard, which will include installation of Voice and Data cabling, relocation or setup of servers, internet and IT infrastructure. 

We offer full Server Room Solutions including tidying up of Network cables, re-wiring as well as Cabinet setup and Raised Floor Installations.  All our networking solutions are available with a Wireless option and are customizable to the client’s requirements.

Fibre Optic Networks

Fibre Optics have now completely revolutionized communication systems.  Audio, Data and Video can be transmitted seamlessly at high speeds over greater distances, and today fibre provides the back-bone for many network systems. 

Fibertronics has extensive experience in this field of transmission and offer complete fibre optic solutions.  This communication infrastructure can accommodate all IT and Telecommunication requirements from small to large and will ensure the continuous commitment to providing infrastructure that is in line with the needs of a modern economy.  We make use of and are specialists in CAT5, CAT5E and CAT6 cabling solutions.

Audio Visual & Automation

Fibertronics is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality and latest technology in AV Systems, Multi-Room and advanced Audio equipment. 

We specialise in home/office Audio and Video installations, with our focus on High End AV products including home cinema, multi-room sound systems, HDMI distribution and Stereo Solutions. 

Every customized home theatre installation begins with a pre-installation audit and design interview. Structured to our clients needs, we then design a solution for the system and put an implementation plan in place, including a 3D Design specifically for that Client.

We utilize and install the very latest innovations in Home Theatre, and run on the art of clean home cinema principles with installations carried out by knowledgeable technicians.  The system is then programmed by our Integrated Systems Specialists, to complete the work which is something we take great pride in delivering.